Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting Believers4ever. We've created this online platform with the hope of creating a social community of Christians from around the world. This is a platform for meeting other like-minded Christians, sharing encouraging words, testimonies, discussing bible-based topics and many more.
Please note that this guidelines extends to forums, personal profiles and private messages (if available).


  • Respect others. This includes their posts, opinions and decisions
  • Be kind, polite and friendly
  • Remember that the readers of your posts and messages cannot see your facial expression or gestures. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you are expressing yourself properly. Use emojis wherever possible to communicate better
  • Do not post spam or self promotional messages


  • DO NOT post nude or sexual content
  • DO NOT post anything violent, graphic or offensive
  • We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards hate speech and extremist views
  • Believers4ever reserves the full right to remove, edit, move or alter any content as deemed necessary.
  • Contents that infringe upon anyone else's copyright are strictly prohibited.

Sensitive topics

  • The promotion* of sin (i.e. murder, abortion, sexual sin, pride, envy and any immoral act considered to be a transgression against God) is strictly prohibited. These topics may be discussed, but encouraging others to participate in these activities is not allowed. Illegal activities may not be encouraged or promoted*.
  • The promotion* of sexual perversion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, bisexuality, transsexualism and transgenderism is strictly prohibited. This includes on our forums, member profiles or direct messaging. These topics may however be discussed from a political, legal, historical, and civil rights point of view or for the genuine purpose of seeking support with personal struggles related to these issues.
  • The promotion or proselytising religious beliefs or religions other than Biblical Christianity is not allowed.
  • Requesting specific advice on how to exorcise or bind demons is not allowed. Posts which attempt to exorcise or bind demons, or posts which give instructions on how to complete deliverance are not allowed. Members concerned about demonic activity/deliverance may speak with their own churches.
  • Biblical end times date setting or date speculation is not allowed.
  • Please do not give professional legal, financial, medical, or other counseling. Do not direct, imply, or suggest that others should disregard doctors' orders regarding medical diagnosis and/or treatment.
  • DO NOT request donations of any kind from members. This also includes loans.


  • Any reports of stalking, threats, bullying, intimidation, invading privacy, or revealing other people's personal information are taken very seriously.
  • Please do not share any personal information such as your address, phone number, date of birth, credit card details or any other personal details. Do not share the personal information of others either.
  • Impersonation or "catfishing" is strictly prohibited. Be yourself and no one else
  • Do not send money to anyone or cause on this platform
Please use our contact form to report an suspicious activities or violation or these guidelines or terms and conditions.