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February 7, 2011
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February 21, 2011

Judas and the stone

One day, Jesus was going up to the mountain to pray with his disciples but he noticed that Judas wasn’t there and went to find him…. So he said to him “Judas let’s go up to the mountain to pray”, but Judas replied “No Jesus, i’m too tired and I haven’t rested all night” but Jesus said “oh come on”, so Judas agreed. When they were half way up the mountain Jesus said to the disciples “okay guys I want you all to pick up a stone” So everyone picked up a big one except for Judas because he was so tired, he got a little one. So when they got up to the mountain Jesus said “okay we’re going to pray and your stone is going to become a loaf of bread”. So Judas got upset because since he got a small stone he’s going to have the smallest bread… So the whole day he was mad and hungry.

The next day, Jesus wanted to go again to the mountain and again had to go and find Judas. He did and said “Hey let’s go to the mountain again” and Judas said “okay”.
On their way up there Jesus said “every one pick up a stone” so Judas went and found the biggest stone of all, thinking to himself “today im not going to stay hungry” so he was struggling the whole way up the mountain.
Once they were there and finished praying, Jesus said “Ok everyone, throw away your stone’s because today were having sandwiches and coke!”

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